Savannah Guthrie Is Married and Pregnant, Not Yet Barefoot


After announcing her engagement in May, host Savannah Guthrie took to the Today show Monday to reveal she’d gotten secretly married over the weekend and is four months pregnant. Whoa!

On the show this morning, Matt Lauer shared some video footage of Guthrie’s wedding to communications specialist Mike Feldman. They announced their pregnancy at the reception in a unique way: they couple first had the NBC special report music come on the sound system. Then Guthrie said, “That puts me in the mood to break some news,” before adding, “We’re four months pregnant!” The response from their guests was so out of control you would have thought the couple had announced that they’d found a cure for cancer or that Carson Daly was getting fired.

Speaking of Carson: is it possible he wasn’t invited to the wedding but had to sit through the rest of his co-workers talking about on air? He didn’t speak at all. Natalie Morales apparently wasn’t there either so it perhaps wedding invites just went out to Today lifers. Like Hoda Kotb. She was definitely there. She should get invited everywhere. She can come to my wedding.

Image via NBC/Chowden Photography

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