Scared-Ass Ladders Jump Mia Yim


On Wednesday night during an NXT Ladder Match, Mia Yim, the HBIC of NXT (B is for baddie because we don’t curse in wrestling) was viciously attacked by two bitch-ass ladders.

The first attack came when Io Shirai, a woman much smaller than most ladders, launched a dropkick from the top rope sending a ladder directly into the nose bridge of Mi Yim, the aforementioned HBIC (B is also for bae). Both the excitement and the blood flow were instant. The camera crew cleverly focused all angles on Shirai and her struggle to pull up that coward of a ladder while a fake medical team tended to Yim’s nose.

After a few awkward seconds focused on Shirai maneuvering this ladder with one working hand, Yim was back in the match. She was later joined by Dakota Kai, a New Zealand wrestler who has been walking around with a knee brace and odd early ‘90s hairstyle, possibly since the dawn of time.

While Kai was in the ring to lend aid to Yim, she was eventually incapacitated when the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, slammed her into the staircase. Ray then set her sights on—you guessed it—another ladder.

As Yim slowly climbed to the top of this second betraying ass ladder, Ray tipped the ladder, throwing Yim over the top rope and into—holy shit—a third ladder that snapped under the weight of Yim’s falling body. At first glance, it appears that Yim’s arm is definitely broken due to the fall, but it turns out she is as indestructible as she claims to be.

Yim ended up losing the match to Shirai through a series of shenanigans but undoubtedly won the night. Ladder gang-up aside, Yim is still slated to appear at NXT War Games on November 23 as a member of Team Ripley. Although with all the time Dakota Kai has been spending shadowing Mia Yim, one has to wonder if that smell in the air is the scent of betrayal.

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