Scarlett Lawrence Is the Most Beautiful Woman You've Never Seen


It’s hard to argue that Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johannson are not attractive women (although, Scar-Jo’s acting leaves something to be desired), but some people are not content to draw the line there. And one person, possibly an entire team, have engineered a mashup of the two, producing what’s being hailed as “the world’s most beautiful woman.*”

The aforementioned title, of course, is completely subjective, but even if you aren’t into mashing two celebrities together to create some kind of fantasy ideal that none of us would be able to achieve, you have to admit that the photo that was created is pretty spectacular from a technical standpoint. It’s hard to tell where Scar-Jo ends and J-Law begins and even the hair is an excellent combination. It actually looks more like an old-timey painting that anything else. (And continuing to look at it is doing nothing but reminding me that I can’t even hold a paintbrush correctly.) (Good job, internet: You’ve killed my motivation.)

If this faceblending trend is to continue, it would be nice to see more male celebrities getting this kind of treatment. Maybe Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling? Maybe some Hugh Jackman and John Hamm? Maybe some Idris Elba and Jesse Williams? Eh? Eh? I’ll see myself out.

*By Uproxx

Images via Getty

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