School Teacher Allegedly Forced 5-Year-Old Girl to Eat Garbage


When a 5-year-old student at a New Jersey elementary school threw away her uneaten bagel, one enterprising teacher took matters into her own hands. Now, back in my day, the punishment for not eating your food was not getting to have any fucking food. But, clearly, this particular teacher is a special snowflake with big ideas—she can’t be constrained by antiquated notions such as “human decency” and “not publicly humiliating children”! No, she (allegedly) forced the child to dig the garbage-bagel out of the trash can and eat it in front of all her classmates.

Via the Grio:

The South Jersey Times reports that 5-year-old Ke’Nya Febry, who attends Deerfield Township Elementary School and participates in its free lunch program for low-income students, didn’t like the bagel and threw it away. Febry’s mother, Kandice Taylor, says the teacher then took the bagel from the trash can and made Ke’Nya eat it in front of her classmates.
…”I don’t want her going back to school until things have been resolved,” Taylor said. “She’s is humiliated. She is so embarrassed. I am bringing her to a psychologist next week because of all this.”
…”This is not just about my daughter, this is about others also. From what I understand, Ke’Nya isn’t the only one who has had a problem with school staff. She’s being treated like a dog … like an animal, and I am not going to let this happen to my daughter anymore.”

Now, I haven’t read the official New Jersey teacher handbook, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume that somewhere on—ohhhh—page one? it says DO NOT MAKE THE CHILDREN EAT GARBAGE.

And you know what? Sometimes bagels are seriously gross. You really need to trust people on their bagel ‘stincts and believe them when they say their bagel’s bad. A bad bagel’s a bad bagel! I’m with you, Ke’Nya. Fuck that lady.

Ke’Nya, reportedly, is suffering nightmares from the ordeal and so far has not returned to school.

5-year-old allegedly forced by teacher to eat bagel from trash [TheGrio]

Photo credit: raphotos / Stockfresh.

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