Science Gives Us Great (and Obvious) Excuses For Sweaty Summer Sex


Is “summer love” a real thing? LiveScience wants to know. Different statistics and facts explain that it might be more of a pop culture phenomenon than an actual thing, but it’s so goddamn hot out today and MAN. SEXY. COME HERE.

Although I believe that explaining “summer love” in biological, scientific and/or cultural terms seems completely unnecessary, I do think it’s a great way to construct excuses for your summer dalliances. Boyfriend/Girlfriend, I cheated on you because LiveScience said that summer makes me sexually aroused; it’s science so just let it go. Or, I made out with that guy because it’s so hot outside that he looked hot. So here are some additional justifications for your weekend hook-up:

  • According to Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College, “people may feel more free to engage in romantic and sexual experiences if ‘on break’ from real life. You can see this anectodally with spring break and summer romances.” Real adults might not get a vacation, but the entire atmosphere of summer love easily makes anyone want to literally kick their shoes off. Just listen to Angie Martinez’s “If I Can Go” and tell me you can’t resist banging on a table afterwards.
  • Sanderson also finds that “people may exercise more in the summer due to warmer weather and that can increase feelings of arousal, simply by the act of doing arousing activities.” I never thought that running in 90°F weather was sexually arousing, but I do believe that scientists are maybe incapable of understanding sex.
  • Summer is hot = we don’t wear a lot of clothes, and according to LiveScience, “revealing clothing of the season” triggers sexual arousal. Your rompers are science.
  • Pop culture insists that “summer love” is real. Just listen to Justin Timberlake’s “Summer Love,” or One Direction’s “Summer Love.”
  • According to Facebook, summer is when most people change their relationship status to from “in a boring fucking relationship” to “single.” Clearly, that means that everyone is breaking up in order to pursue the a summer fling.

Here you go. Now, all you students who are returning to school in August or September can write your “What I did This Summer” paper and detail all the sexy things you did, with scientific references.

Science of Summer: Does ‘Summer Love’ Really Exist? [LiveScience]

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