Secret 'Notorious Womanizer' Matt Lauer Is Leaving His Wife

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Bad news, America. Your uncle Matt Lauer has reportedly walked out on his wife and might need to come crash at your place for awhile.

Look, I didn’t just hear it from him (you know how dramatic he can be). I heard it from the National Enquirer. See?

In a bombshell new exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has learned the skirt-chasing “Today” show host “walked out” on his long-suffering wife, Annette Roque, this past summer before once again “begging her back for the sake of their three kids,” according to a close source.
The insider said a “bitter fight” sparked their latest split – occurring after The ENQUIRER published photos of the notorious womanizer relaxing on a boat with a mystery blonde in the Hamptons on July 8.
“It’s a train wreck of a marriage and there’s no telling when it’ll blow again!” the insider said.

I know what you’re going to say—you don’t like how he talks down to you, he’s a little bit sexist, he’s way too smug. Trust me, I know! But the fact is that your uncle Matty is having a rough time in his marriage right now and it’s time for us to come together and support him as a family.

[The National Enquirer]

Bobby Shmurda was arrested in front of an NYC recording studio yesterday during a police sting that, according to TMZ, involved “multiple shootings and drug trafficking.” This is Shmurda’s third arrest this year (he was previously booked for smoking a joint in a parking lot and possession of a weapon). Specific charges have not been made public, but his arraignment will occur later today. They can take away our Bobby, but they’ll never take our Shmoney Dance. [TMZ]

A source “close” to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel says that JT is having a hard time settling into the idea of fatherhood and that Jessica is mad. “They’ve spent little time together during Jessica’s pregnancy,” Joey Fatone the source said. “Justin pretends he doesn’t have a care, but you can see how antsy he is. He knows it won’t be long before his life changes…now she’s concerned it might be more than Justin can handle.” IT FEELS LIKE SOMETHING’S HEATIN’ UP. [Radar]

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