See The First Woman To Wear Pants In Congress In 1969


Chatter about Rep. Barney Frank’s schlumpy attire on the House floor earlier this week prompted the Washington Post to take a look back at other sartorial scandals in D.C., including the controversy over the first woman to step onto the House floor in pants. On Dec. 24, 1969, Rep. Charlotte T. Reid (R-Ill.) caused a stir when she showed up in “a black wool, bell-bottomed pantsuit.” Men flocked to see the scandalous sight and most had nothing nice to say, but Reid said, “(Rep.) Gerald Ford told me he thought it was great and I should do it more often.” Few of us will be working on the 42nd anniversary of this momentous occasion, but on Saturday we’ll get comfy in some sweatpants as a tribute to Reid.

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