Selena Gomez Seems to Enjoy Creeping Us Out in Petra Collins' IGTV Horror Short


Selena Gomez seems to be fully pivoting to arthouse chick, a conclusion I’ve drawn after watching clips from A Love Story, her latest collaboration with Petra Collins. In three short Instagram videos, each under 40 seconds long and directed by Collins, Gomez does creepy-ass shit like writhe around in a murky bathtub, cozy up to prosthetic body parts (including a face mask floating in the tub), swirl an eyeball around in her mouth, and appear covered in icing, which she then scrapes off her leg with a knife and eats. Hungry?

You can watch the clips from A Love Story—which is decidedly not about love, except for maybe the love of wax figurines—on the Instagram TV app, a feature the photo-sharing platform just rolled out two seconds ago that allows users to upload videos up to an hour long (oh god).

These Selena Gomez videos (taken from the longer version of the short) appear under the titles “A Love Story,” “Cake,” and “Turtle” on Collins’ IGTV page; they recall Gomez’s previous work with Collins, namely the “Fetish” music video with Gucci Mane, whose feature on the track always confuses me. “Fetish” has a similar lo-fi, gauzy look to it, and finds Gomez totally losing her shit in a kitchen, throwing unidentifiable groceries and appliances around, squinting at the sun through her raised hand, and dancing around. I get the sense that maybe she feels stifled by her pop star persona and wants to play around with new forms and textures in her visuals—but it also kind of feels like she’s just substituting one super typified aesthetic for another (artsier!) one! But who knows, maybe the next thing she makes with Collins will be really cool.

There are clips from A Love Story floating around, including this tub scene.

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