Selfie Loathing: What Celebrities Did on Instagram This Week


Welome back to your favorite Vanity Smurf exxxtravaganza. While you were staring at a screen under fluorescent lights, celebrities were out frolicking and turning the camera on themselves. Here’s what the stars were doing with their smart phones this week. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

Shout out to Palo Alto High’s senior spirit toga day. Go Vikings

Embracing my Zombie self…

Live from the Vampire Diaries Prop Truck-I snuck in @joeprops .I was looking to steal some @joesstickystuff 😉

Paris. 3:11am. With #JayZ @CarterShawn and #Timbaland after 2 sold out shows at Bercy arena.

Johnny Knoxville is frisky tonight #wwhl

Last night before my homecoming keynote at @UMass

With my girls @uzoaduba and @thedanieb @thetrevorproject benefit




Selfie with a baby #spokane

I’m on set with with my white co stars “Olivia Thirlby” & @normancook AKA “Kaley Cuoco” showing them how Black People TURN UP #Shit #weddingringer #GoodTimes #WhyAreTheyDancingSoHard #TheyWereOnBeatTho #TheyThoughtTheyNeededGlassesForSafety #IwasToAfraidToTellThemThatTheyLookedWeird

Wedding pic! I designed this Chuppa out of amaranth & roses. Best day ever!

To celebrate the release of #sweeterthanfiction, here’s a shot of @taylorswift and @duckyantonoff working on the song in my living room. I was very happy. My neighbors, less so.


@future @miguelunlimited Scorpio Squad


how do u balance job and personal and sleep and woman and female and race and culture and politics and funny and not funny and men and boys and body image and weight and stuff? Lil vodka straight from the bottle!

No I won’t sit up straight. Deal with it, I’m in @badgleymischka babe

Where am I ? can you guess ????


You know who you are… And a bIG ❤ to all the others. “F…you selfie Friday”

SI❤️TERS @sofiarichie1

I’ll never teeelll

I love when your iPod plays your own song. Yay @cazwellnyc! #kissmeinpublic

Say no to camel toe #cameltoesux #thisIsntACamelToe #DontAtMe

Oh hai girl in da bak of me

I love Mr. & Mrs. Bigglesworth

#tbt #jasmine #Disney

#homesweethome #facetime

Vegas…we’ve arrived!!!

World Exclusive Premiere. Earth just got heavier… #Gravity2

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