Seriously Good Sex Advice From The Double-Rainbow Guy


This week, for their “Sex Advice From” column, Nerve turns to Bear Vasquez, the cage-fighting hippie made famous by his enthusiasm for double rainbows. He has some amazing ideas, like how bearded men can give oral sex without causing irritation.

I tie my beard up into braids, so, you know, maybe that’s one thing he can do.

If you’re wondering, Bear has never had sex under a double rainbow, but he’s thinking about it.

I think it would be amazing! I’ve never done it, but I think it would be incredible. I probably could do it, because I find them a lot. I go to places with waterfalls and stuff—but I usually go alone.

As for timing, Bear has some ideas about that.

The full moon, when it’s in conjunction with Venus, is an extremely romantic time. Like, a lot of times I notice when Venus is near the moon I experience a lot more sexual and romantic energy.

Bear is a cage fighter, but he doesn’t like the rep that the sport has received.

People have the wrong idea about it, at least a lot of people do, but I say that it’s a way to love your fellow man -aggressively.

On secretly getting stoned before sex

:It’s never okay to be dishonest or deceitful or to lie. That’s just not cool.

On dealing with heartbreak:

If you had a bad breakup, do some self-reflection and, you know, read a book.

And last but not least, how he prefers his women:

I like a full bush.

And just to remind you the authority from this these insights are drawn:

You can’t say that you don’t listen when the man talks.

Sex Advice From Bear “Double-Rainbow Guy” Vasquez [Nerve]

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