Sesame Street Displeased That Women Want to Be 'Sexy Big Bird' for Halloween


If you can envision a Halloween costume, there’s an excellent chance there’s a “sexy” version of it for sale somewhere on the internet. (Ah, human ingenuity!) So it’s not exactly surprising that “sexy Big Bird” was, until recently, a purchasable option on

But until Big Bird got meme-ified when Romney declared his tough-love for him during the first presidential debate, there weren’t that many women out there who wanted to sex-up the Sesame Street character. (You’d probably have to have a slightly dysfunctional relationship with PBS programming/your childhood.) Now, however, Big Bird is a Thing, and Sesame Street Workshop is taking action to ensure that women will not be giving him a bad name this October 31st.

A spokesperson for Sesame Street Workshop told Buzzfeed that their “legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to the website selling them, will monitor the site, and follow up accordingly to make sure the items in question are removed.”

If you were banking on being Sexy Big Bird, don’t fret: Yandy just separated the headpiece and paired it with a different sparkly shirt. You can still buy the “exclusive yellow dress and stockings” separately — in fact, the outfit pops up right next to the headpiece. Clever! If you want to be Minnie Mouse, check out “Sexy Mouse,” or Super Mario as “Sexy Plumber.

Anyone out there going as a “sexy binder” this year?

“Sesame Street” Issues Cease And Desist To Sexy Big Bird Costume [Buzzfeed]

(Images via Yandy.)

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