Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf Are Engaged

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EVERYONE, REJOICE: Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged. This is the love we as a people have been demanding and deserving for years untold. And now, finally, we are all getting our fairytale ending.

Does everyone remember 10 months ago when they started dating and everyone who has ever seen a television bellowed “SETH COHEN AND BLAIR WALDORF?!” What a long, crazy trip it’s been. According to an insider, Meester is “ecstatic.” Same, Leighton. Same. [Radar]

The good news won’t stop flowing in, like the ambrosia flowing into the goblets of the gods above (all of whom are celebrating the Meester-Brody union and weeping with joy). Kelly Clarkson is expecting her first baby with husband Brandon Blackstock, whom she married one month ago. She tweeted, “I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever :)” Congrats to them! [US]

And Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant as well! The Once Upon a Time actress and her fiancee/costar Josh Dallas are expecting. All other details — including the baby’s gender and the due date — are being kept private. Yay! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE. [E!]

In less happy news, Miley Cyrus doesn’t have eyebrows any more. I screamed aloud when I saw the picture. I am not ready for eyebrows to go out of fashion, guys, and I’m so scared. Please be with me in this time of need. [Pop Sugar]

  • Harry Styles isn’t really sexting Taylor Swift 🙁 Sorry to ruin your whole week like this. [Gossip Cop]
  • Taylor Swift was spotted “smiling and laughing” at a pub with Douglas Booth, the extremely handsome man who played Romeo in the world’s most recent Romeo and Juliet adaptation. Were the lyrics to Love Story (“You were Romeo/I was the scarlet letter”) a prophecy instead of the worst-ever reading of a 9th grade English curriculum? Discuss. [People]
  • Ok, this isn’t celebrity gossip per se, buuuut… Cosmo posted all these pictures of bunnies reading Cosmo….. [Cosmo]
  • Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith held hands in public!!! Everyone board up your windows before the outlandish worldwide celebrations cause widespread destruction. [E!]
  • Jared Leto said that they should put some underwear on Oscar, that giant golden statue outside of the Oscars. “He’s a freeballer,” noted Leto. “And he’s got a very big sword, so there are a lot of Freudian things going on right here.” Indeed. [E!]
  • Andy Cohen really made perfume out of Lady Gaga‘s urine. I don’t want to think about this ever again. [HuffPo]
  • Jennifer Lawrence says Josh Hutcherson kisses “spongy,” whereas Liam Hemsworth kisses “scratchy.” So if you’re looking to incorporate household supplies into your Hunger Games-themed sexual games, I’d say go with a moist sponge and a brillo pad? [MTV]
  • Lily Allen says she wrote a song about her Twitter feud with Azealia Banks. Uh-oh. [SFGate]
  • DID HARRY STYLES WEAR PINK NAIL POLISH?!?!?!? I really don’t think he did? But also why not get yourself a nice manicure if you’re a millionaire? [ONTD]
  • Miranda Kerr and Leonardo DiCaprio dined together in Las Vegas (OOoOOoOh!)… at different sides of a huge table filled with lots of people (uhhhh). [Page Six]
  • Get your festive headdress and fringe bikini top out: Outkast might be reuniting at Coachella this year. [Billboard]
  • Kendall Jenner, an 18-year-old professional model, posted an Instagram photo of her modeling with no bra on underneath her sweater and the Internet exploded and everyone wept. [The Hollywood Gossip]
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