​Sex Appeal Seems a Risky Way to Advertise Your Legal Services


There’s a whole lot of lawyers out there, and every year the nation’s law schools churn out a new batch, so it takes a lot to stand out to potential clients. Maybe that’s why a pair of California lawyers have chosen to advertise their services by appearing on an enormous roadside billboard in tight-fitting pencil skirts, sky-high heels and, oddly, suspenders.

Photo evidence comes from the blog Above the Law, which is currently running a contest for best accompanying caption.

The advertisement is the work of two lawyers, Mona Patel and Dana Wares, who run a practice called “The Law Offices of Lady Justice.” They handle bankruptcy and personal injury cases, among other things. Their phone number: 888-LADY-121.

It’s a particularly novel marketing strategy when you consider that law is, typically, the most staid of professions. When it’s time for a bankruptcy filing, generally you just want someone who’ll go over your paperwork with a fine-tooth comb and get you the best deal possible. You’re looking for dependability, not flash.

But despite the outfits, which look like they might’ve been ordered as part of a Sexy Lawyer costume ensemble or perhaps assembled by characters from The Bling Ring, the pair are in fact the real deal. Ms. Patel hopped into the comments at Above the Law to say she and her partner are both California State Bar-approved attorneys.

“Any publicity is good publicity!” she added.

If you are interested in the services of the Law Offices of Lady Justice, it’s worth noting that they are running a Yelp special, offering $225 of legal services for $100.

Caption Contest: Lady Justice Gets a Makeover [Above the Law]

Photo via Facebook.

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