'Sex With You' Music Video Ruins Sex, Music, Videos

I don’t know who Avery is, but I can’t stop watching the god-awful (I am so sorry, Avery!) video for this song, which features some amazing hair and some even more amazing lyrics. “I should have broke your dick in two”? Sign me up for the mailing list. I don’t want to miss a second of Avery’s career.

Referred to as a knock-off* Avril Lavigne (which is meaner than anything I would ever say to someone) by Buzzfeed, Avery mugs her way through the entire video, making out with a dude, pushing the dude away and then having what appear to be her friends sing along as they break apart bananas that have never done anything to anyone ever except be delicious and full of potassium and fiber.

It’s awful. It’s autotuned. It’s uninspired. And I love it all. Unironically.

In the immortal words of Avery: If you don’t watch this video “the only one your ever really screwed was you.” #realtalk.

*Okay, they said look-alike, but you and I both know what that means.

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