Sexting, Jeggings, And The Other Fake Words That Are Now Real


Now look what we’ve gone and done. This is why we can’t have nice things: The Oxford Dictionary has just inducted a slew of new words into their holy pages, and out of the 400 hundred new additions, a handful of them were in sound smack-my-head territory.

Jeggings, a super-comfortable jean and legging hybrid, popularized by Conan O’Brien.
As in, “Hey, I heard Lindsay Lohan is coming out with a new line of jeggings.”

Sexting, a term for exchanging texts back and forth that are sexual in nature.
As in, “Did you hear that after watching a morning show segment about sexting, Sarah’s Mother demanded to look through her phone and now she’s grounded?” (There is also much discrepancy as to what, exactly, defines sexting.)

Retweet, a twitter term for reposting the words of another user.
As in, “I drunkenly tweeted about how much I hate my boss and and later deleted it, but it was too late: five people had already retweeted it for all to see.”

Woot, popularized by nerds on the internet, it’s a term of triumph or enthusiasm most often used on the internet and is sometimes spelled ‘w00t.’
As in, “Just bought tickets to see that new movie that stars Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling’s abs. Woot!”

Mankini, popularized by Borat and later worn by John Mayer, is a gigantic man-thong-swimsuit diaster.
As in, “Man, I was really vibin’ on John Mayer for awhile there until I saw photos of him walking around in a lime green mankini. Oh, and his racist dick.”

I hope you’re all proud of yourselves. Can’t wait until next year, when they induct words like ROTFLAMO, “Little Monsters,” and the babykini into the dictionary.

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Images via Shutterstock, Getty, and F-Yeah Conan O’Brien.

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