Shakira Needs Her Boyfriend's Permission To Do Her Own Music Videos

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Oh dear. In an interview with Billboard last week, Shakira let on that her boyfriend, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is pretty domineering. On top of simply not allowing her to film music videos with men (no more ‘La Tortura?!’), she had to ask him permission to film the steamy faux-lesbian music video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” her collaboration with Rihanna. She goes on:

“He’s very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women,” she says with a laugh. “It’s more than implied in our relationship that I can’t do videos like I used to. It’s out of the question – which I like, by the way. I like that he protects his turf and he values me, in a way that the only person that he would ever let graze my thigh would be Rihanna.”

Shakira, Shakira. “Values his turf?” Turf is what your shit boyfriend plays soccer on. You on the other hand are a 234-award-winning powerhouse. Remember? [Dlisted/Billboard]

Not one to be gripped by the coils of Kris Jenner’s televised dynasty, Jay Z will probably not be Kanye West‘s best man at the Wedding of the Century Part II. Jay Z agreed to be Best Man under the condition that no reality TV programs (cough cough) film him, Beyoncé, or baby Blue Ivy, so… clearly that’s not going to happen. A sad day for bromance everywhere. [Perez Hilton]

Brooke Burke-Charvet had an interesting and awkward time explaining the difference between being “fired” and being “let go” to her kids, who seemed to insist that she “quit.” Either way, some notice from the network probably would have been nice. Via People:

“The only shocking thing about it, for me, was the way in which it all went down. Finding out that I would not be returning to the ballroom just weeks before the premiere was quite a shake up. I would have appreciated a heads-up and the courtesy of communication, but we are not always privileged to get that in the workplace.”

  • Can someone please Fill Me In on what the hell happened to Craig David‘s body!? [BuzzFeed]
  • “Elegant princess” Selena Gomez gave a helluva performance after her stint in rehab. [Entertainmentwise]
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  • West Coast tree nymph Vanessa Hudgens announced that she will be creating a “lil wanderlust-themed Pinterest board” now that her “gypsy side is out in full force,” which is just…so Vanessa Hudgens, really. [Just Jared]
  • Broken-ass record (on many counts) Robin Thicke continues his campaign to get Paula Patton back (despite not wearing his wedding ring) by sharing his woes to concert-goers who are completely unrelated and uninvested in his relationship with her. [TMZ/Perez Hilton]
  • Caution: Andy Cohen‘s music video for his ode to Texas “Land of the Longhorn” will give you an intimate understanding of the void that is emotional nothingness. [BuzzFeed]
  • Zac Efron has announced that if he wins an MTV movie award, he will accept it shirtless, fully knowing the mere thought of him without a shirt can stun people into temporarily forgetting he was in That Awkward Moment. [Perez Hilton]
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  • Spiderman invited Batkid to the premiere of his new movie after the two went to Disneyland together. [Us Magazine]
  • For a brief moment, I found kinship with James Franco when he said that Pineapple Express changed his life. But then he went on about “Words.” and that bridge has since been burned. [Entertainment Weekly]
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