Shampoo Company Says Men Care More About Hair Than Boobs


Ladies, do you want to know what a man notices first when he chooses to bless you with his gaze? It’s your hair — at least according to the scientists at Pantene.

Shine reports on Pantene’s salon sociology: apparently “60% of men would rather date a woman with great hair over a women with large breasts” (no mention of whether the notional women in the survey also possessed other traits). Also, “44% of men said hair is the first thing they notice, over clothes (26%), legs (25%) or makeup (4%).” It’s unclear whether Pantene influenced the study subjects in any way — say, by providing free samples of luxurious Deep Moisturizing Treatment — or massaged the data to yield a pro-hair result. We’ve contacted Pantene to inquire about their methodology, and eagerly await the result.

Meanwhile, a quick look at’s “Science” section yields up many wonders. Did you know that it’s totally fine to wash your hair frequently? That you should absolutely use conditioner every time? That hair products will not thin your hair? Of course, Pantene, purveyor of said products, has no stake in all this — it’s just science! Now go wash your hair so a man will notice you — because those boobs just aren’t going to cut it.

Study Finds Men Are More Attracted To Hair Than Cleavage – Really?! [Shine]

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