Shanna Moakler Confirms Carrie Prejean's Breasts Were Paid For By Pageant

  • Shanna Moakler, Co-Executive Director of the Miss California Organization, has confirmed that the pageant paid for Miss California Carrie Prejean‘s breast implants.

Moakler also says Miss California is not speaking to her right now. But she doesn’t want Miss California stripped of her crown: “I don’t want to fire her! I think she’s a great, young girl, and I got into pageants, because I want to help young girls. I want to guide young girls. I know what pageants [did] for me and I know what it can do for young women and also working within the community.” Uh-huh. Sure. Moakler also says: “I don’t want to fire Carrie. I want her to use her platform, because this is her platform, I didn’t know she was this passionate about it… I’m glad I know now and I support and will help her, but…” [Access Hollywood]

  • Sarah Jessica Parker is talking about the twins she is expecting (through a surrogate): “It’s been a complicated past few weeks… My main concern is that my husband and son [James Wilkie, now 6 years old] have enough time. Hopefully, our son is feeling loved and taken care of.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Don’t speak! No Doubt reunites tomorrow for its first live performance in five years… on the Today show. So rock and roll. [NY Daily News]
  • Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo of Malawi will lead a panel in Madonna‘s appeal case; Madge wants to overturn the court’s decision to reject her application to adopt 3-year-old Mercy. Her Madgesty is not required to attend the hearing on May 4. Think she’ll make an appearance? [People]
  • The Daily Fail spoke to Mercy’s biological father, who has never MET Mercy, but says: “She is my daughter; she is my blood; she needs parental love. She is not an orphan. She lost one parent, yes, but I am still alive and so she is not an orphan. Madonna has millions of dollars but that doesn’t make her a good mum. Parental love is more than money. Besides, I don’t think Madonna is a model mum. I have seen her in movies of her songs. She doesn’t portray good morals. How can a woman of 50 dance almost naked on stage? I wouldn’t want my daughter to grow up like that! In Malawi women respect themselves. Cultured women do not go about half-naked.” It goes on, but you get the point. [Daily Mail, NY Post]
  • Meanwhile, Madonna is looking for a place in the Hamptons, but the peeps in the Hamptons seem to think she may be a pain in the ass. [Page Six]
  • So remember the report that claimed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s bodyguard was writing a tell-all book? He says: “No, no, no. I’m not writing a tell-all book. I don’t know where this story came from. It’s not true.” Dammit! [MSNBC via Life & Style]
  • Rihanna‘s father sounds absolutely overjoyed when he says: “[Rihanna is] a different person, back to herself. It’s like Chris never existed. She seems reborn. She’s realizing how precious life is.” [MSNBC]
  • Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets, wants to sue sources from In Touch magazine who claim she was a stripper. “I’ve never even met a stripper in my life,” she says. [MSNBC]
  • Bottoms up: Justin Timberlake‘s new tequila, 901, is “actually a really nice product,” says a “tequila geek” and bar owner. “It has a nice richness to it, a full-body mouth feel, a nice finish.” That’s what she said? [NY Daily News]
  • In this article, entertainment professionals and insiders list nine things Lindsay Lohan should do to save her career. Examples: do some charity work, develop self-discipline, focus. [NY Daily News]
  • Uh-oh: Paula Abdul was “totally fooled” by Bruno, the character Sacha Baron Cohen plays in his upcoming flick. [Page Six]
  • Spotted: Ryan Gosling having dinner with a “mystery model.” [Page Six]
  • Heidi Klum says Susan Boyle could be a good Project Runway guest. “She could be a good challenge.” Is that a compliment? [E!]
  • Early reviews for Wolverine are not good; critics call it “noisy and impersonal” and “silly and typical” and “a keen disappointment.” However. Everyone will see it anyway and it will surely win the box office and be a “hit.” [Reuters]
  • Hugh Hefner says he does not want Holly Madison to be his girlfriend again. “The notion that I would want her back as a girlfriend is bizarre. I am now in one of the best relationships in memory with Crystal Harris and the twins. I’m not going to screw it up with former girlfriends.” [E!]
  • Prison Break star Lane Garrison went from prison to Jessica Simpson‘s house. He says “I’m blessed to be alive.” Garrison was incarcerated for 19 months for a DUI crash that killed one person; Jessica’s father Joe was his youth minister in Texas, so he’s close to the fam. [E!]
  • Top Gun star Kelly McGillis has come out: She is a lesbian. She says her next partner would “definitely be a woman.” And: “I’m done with the man thing. It’s a part of being true to yourself. That’s been a challenge for me personally.” [This Is London]
  • Usher is allowing the Boys and Girls Club of America to use a childhood photo of him in their ad campaign. He looks cute! [USA Today]
  • Simon Cowell‘s first gig in showbiz was to polish the axe Jack Nicholson used in The Shining. Apropos? [The Sun]
  • Unauthorized Diana Ross biography: In the works. Guess what? She’s being painted as “ambitious.” THE SCANDAL. [Variety]
  • Do we like this picture of Chelsea Handler with a man between her legs? [E!]
  • Tony Blair, Kate Winslet and other celebs have contributed to a book of butterfly pictures compiled in memory of a young woman who died from leukemia. [Telegraph]
  • “Jailed Jack Tweed [widow of Jade Goody] turned tail and ran from the showers in prison – after THREE encounters with naked gay star Boy George.” [The Sun]
  • Redmond O’Neal — son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal — pleaded not guilty yesterday to the felony charge that he brought drugs to jail. [ET]
  • A settlement has been reached in the defamation lawsuit filed against Dr. Phil by a witness in O.J. Simpson‘s robbery case. [AP]
  • Blind item: “Which starlet’s constant state of inebriation is causing problems in her marriage? Her hubby hates having to physically remove her from nightclubs.” [Gatecrasher]
  • CSI will beat the hell out of him.” — CEO of Viacom and CBS, Sumner Redstone, on Jay Leno having a show on at 10pm. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • “I don’t think it’s irrelevant because I am sure there are still people out there who are living it up… I think the show is taken for what it is — it’s a piece of entertainment and that’s the value and that’s the worth.” — Ed Westwick, on Gossip Girl. [Mirror]
  • “The worst thing about Ricky as a director is that if something is funny at all and it was improvisational, he breaks and laughs and ruins your take. I would say, ‘It’s your movie. Just leave, go in another room. Let me just do it.’ He’s like, ‘Just do it again.’ I said, ‘Ricky, it’s not the same. You suck.’ But he knew exactly what he wanted.” — Jennifer Garner on working with Ricky Gervais in The Invention Of Lying. [The Star]
  • “It’s got to be the right story. You can’t make The Dark Knight and then come out with something disappointing. The fact is I have to. Chris doesn’t. So I’m in a fix if he says he doesn’t want to.” — Christian Bale, concerned that director Chris Nolan has yet to sign on for another Batman flick. (Bale is contractually obligated to star in a third movie.) [Daily Express]
  • Q:You’re featured on the gossip website Gawker all the time. Do websites like that annoy you? A: “No, I’m not somebody who reads about what I’m actually up to that week – which usually they get wrong. Maybe you can pass the word on to anybody who reads these sites or who sees their kids on them that most of the time these people are making stuff up. If people want to really know what’s up with me then they can read one of my interviews.” — Chuck Bass, ahem, Ed Westwick. [Guardian]
  • “I’ve had my garbage stolen… I think tabloid journalism has become so pervasive is that it gives people the chance to feel better about themselves in a slightly sick way. A lot of it is ‘Stars are just like us! They have cellulite and bad eating habits and drug problems!’ There are a lot of celebrities that are more than happy to share every last detail about their lives until there’s no mystery left whatsoever.” — Ryan Reynolds. [USA Today]
  • “I’m doing my part to save the planet. You know that new Aston Martin Vantage? I didn’t buy it. You’re welcome, Earth!” — Jon Hamm. [Gatecrasher]
  • “It has truly never been my intention to be a performer, and I think it’s probably best that I stop performing pretty soon and start writing. [Acting] is like a big red herring. I kind of want to stop it, really.” — Tilda Swinton would rather be a poet. [The Daily Beast]
  • “We look around. We see what we want. Don’t you look around and see what you want to look like? I’m, like, look, Michelle Obama’s guns. I could have those arms. I don’t know about the legs.” — Kirstie Alley, to Oprah. [People]
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