Sharon Osbourne Commences Her Comeback Tour

The celeb is promoting a new four-part documentary about her life with the tagline, “They tried to cancel her. They failed.”

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Sharon Osbourne Commences Her Comeback Tour
Sharon Osbourne arrives at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 30th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on March 27, 2022 in West Hollywood, California Photo:Steve Granitz/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne took a reported $10 million payout when she left the daytime panel show The Talk last year, but ever the savvy businesswoman (at least, that’s what her persona would have us think), she’s milking more money and attention from the flap in a supposed free-speech crusade.

A brief refresher: Osbourne defended her friend Piers Morgan on a March 2021 episode of The Talk after Morgan had made disparaging comments about Meghan Markle, specifically about the racism she experienced from the royal family. Morgan said he didn’t believe Markle, and Osbourne defended his right to do that. When her co-hosts pushed back to explain why supporting someone who openly questions a Black woman’s allegations of racism is, at minimum, fucked up (if not itself racist), all hell broke loose, and out came Karen Osbourne in a screaming, crying display of contempt for anyone who disagreed with her. The Talk went on hiatus for about a month, and in the meantime Osbourne left the show, though not before claiming that cancel culture had did her in and suggesting a conspiracy that CBS execs had it out for her tacitly criticizing an interview that brought so much publicity to the network.

Well, she’s still singing that song, according to Page Six, which reports: “Sharon Osbourne tells Page Six that she believes a CBS executive arranged for her former co-hosts on The Talk to put her through a traumatic on-air ordeal to punish her for being disloyal to the network.” Osbourne is promoting a new four-part (FOUR!) documentary about her life and Talk ordeal, Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back. Great title! You know, it’s like they say: The road to hell is paved with seven-figure payouts. The doc’s network is (get ready to be shocked) Fox Nation. The tagline is (get ready to clutch your pearls): “They tried to cancel her. They failed.” And they always will, as long as there’s a giant media conglomerate devoting its efforts to defending bigotry and/or those accused of it.

“They were initially pissed with me because I was saying the [Oprah broadcast] was shit. Just to people at the studio. I didn’t feel it was genuine,” Osbourne claimed to Page Six. “I had supported Piers [in defense of his] freedom of speech because he’s a journalist.”

Hilariously, a CBS insider said in response: “This is a story only one person cares about.”

Not content to put all her eggs in one right wing basket, Osbourne also gave an interview to the Daily Mail about being victimized by…no longer being on The Talk.

“There are three things I never want to talk about, religion, politics and minority groups because you can never win,” Osbourne told the Mail. “There will be 50 percent that agree with you and 50 that think you’re an asshole.” Well, it’s great that she learned to say things about “minority groups” in private! Even the savviest of businesswomen have room for growth, I guess!

Osbourne repeatedly discussed learning to let things go with the Mail, which is kind of funny because she is still talking about it about a year and a half later. She has an answer as to why she’s still at this thing that she has absolutely let go, though: “I wanted people to know that there’s more to me than that,” she told the Mail. “It’s so easy to forget what everybody’s done before and just think about something like that. That last thing you heard was that I was called a racist by many people.”

The poor dear! Good thing she’s back to tell us, actually, she’s not racist. Take her word for it! She was on The Talk!

Relatedly, earlier this month the BBC announced an upcoming reboot of The Osbournes, the celeb reality show that started it all. Looks like everything’s coming up Sharon!

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