Short, Shiny Dresses and Cool Shoes at the CMT Awards


Last night at the CMT Music awards in Nashville, there were sparkly dresses, short dresses, and short and sparkly dresses. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, some of it was tacky. Put your sunglasses on and take a look.

Before we get to the tinselfest, there were some dark moments: Kristen Bell looks fab in black leather with lacy details.

Unsure about the hat, but Lisa Marie Presley‘s dress is flattering and the shoes are the bomb dot com.

Another basic black dress worn with cool shoes: Nicole Kidman.

So you know when you look back at vintage photos — from the sixties/seventies/eighties — and the colors are slightly lurid and the silhouettes are unfamiliar and it just seems weird that people wore that? Carrie Underwood‘s ensemble is not going to age well.

Now we’re in Sparkletown. Kacey Musgraves likes hers short and sweet.

Cassadee Pope let the sparkles crawl right up her arm.

Kellie Pickler went for full-on floor-length dazzle, with sheeny shiny skin to match.

Teeny-tiny shimmery frock seemingly held together by ribbons looks pretty cute on AnnaSophia Robb.

Taylor Swift‘s Elie Saab beige/neutral/mullet/sideburns/Always With Wings dress is completely meh. Does nothing for her skintone, hair color or body. Lackluster. That didn’t stop her from doing a twirly photo shoot in it, however.

Best of the evening? Sheryl Crow, in Grecian Goddess Gorgeous. Flowing white dress by Willow, with gold accessories and a smile like BAM. The necklace with the neckline? Perfection. And unlike all the ladies who will be sitting on prickly-pokey sequins all night, this woman looks comfortable enough to have some fun until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard. (She’s 51, BTW!)

Images via Getty.

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