Shoutout to Leo DiCaprio’s Publicist & Tobey Maguire’s Ex-Wife

No one in Hollywood is working harder.

Shoutout to Leo DiCaprio’s Publicist & Tobey Maguire’s Ex-Wife

Over the Fourth of July weekend, every other one-percenter and content creator in Hollywood joined billionaire Michael Ruben for his annual white party. Did the founder and Fanatics’ CEO assume the duty from the party’s previous host, Diddy? Who knows! What’s absolutely certain, however, is that there’s no celebrity publicist out here doing it quite like Leonardo DiCaprio’s—except for the ex-wife of his longtime best friend, Tobey Maguire, who so far as I know, isn’t actually a publicist at all but would likely make an excellent one.

Should you have perused Page Six—or just used the internet—in the days following the infamous fête, you probably came across a headline linking geriatric Spiderman to a certain terminally online 20-year-old known only to other terminally online twenty-year-olds. I know, I know. Tobey Maguire with a girl who looks like she could be one of his 17-year-old daughter’s best friends? What else is new? But because this particular one is fairly well-known—again, to a certain subset—the story stuck.

Maguire was photographed leaving the party with Lily Chee, a supposed model and actress with a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. Now, if I were to judge his expression in said photo (deer in headlights if an over-the-hill buck were caught with a doe) and his hand placement (not fatherly at all whatsoever), I’d probably surmise that they were departing together—as would the rest of the internet. Us Weekly went so far as to report that the pair is “having fun” and had been introduced by businessman, Richie Akiva. Is it normal that the 48-year-old “King of Nightclubs” is a mutual acquaintance of a 49-year-old all-but-retired actor and 20-year-old mostly self-proclaimed model and actress? Not at all.

However, it didn’t take long for Maguire’s ex-wife, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, to jump on in and clear things up on his behalf. On Instagram, Meyer addressed a comment on a recent post that read, “Why is your ex husband banging someone 3 years older than your daughter?”

She replied, in part: “I don’t usually reply to such nonsense but he was kindly helping a friend to her car. being a good guy. And now he has blasted online for dating someone he is not.” Once again, I really must ask: Is it normal that a 49-year-old is “friends” with a 20-year-old??? Hollywood and all that aside, I don’t think so. Especially given that this is surely not Maguire’s first time being photographed leaving a party with a young woman of dubious age. But I guess he’s just the guide dog for unsteady and potentially intoxicated young women who are “friends.”

But the holiday PR blitz didn’t stop there.

The publicist of Maguire’s disgusting brother, DiCaprio, came through with another story of good samaritanism. Apparently, DiCaprio tended to a heavily intoxicated man inside a different party over the holiday weekend in the Hamptons.

“At one point Leo picked up a very drunk guy, and put him by a pole. The guy was literally falling over,” a source who attended the party at fintech mogul David Rosenberg’s Bridgehampton estate told Page Six. “Leo put out his hand on [the pole] so he wouldn’t fall and said, ‘Stay there.’” Expert problem-solving skills. He must be a trained paramedic or something.

The man reportedly “stayed holding onto the pole.” And he’s yet to let go…just kidding! Can you imagine?

Anyway. I have to appreciate DiCaprio’s team’s (and Meyer’s) attempts to right the very public wrongs of these men. I’m sure they’re exhausted by now. Perhaps their clients can walk them to their cars or help them to a nearby pole or something.

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