Skirting The Issue At 'Dressed to Kilt' Fashion Show


Anything called ‘Dressed To Kilt,’ a charity fashion show benefiting Friends of Scotland, is obviously going to be absurdly awesome. Add Westwick, a Real Housewife and the Geico Caveman, and the result? Magic.

The Good:

I try to block out this one interview where Ed Westwick was described as wearing some shirt unbuttoned to his navel and “a stack of chains.” Let’s replace it with this!

Just gonna say it: Supreme Court-style jabots need to make a comeback, stat. Thank you, Lady Connery.

I just really like that the wire service labeled this, “the GEICO caveman.”

This “Glinda in the Highlands” gown, sported by Stephanie Willemse, was the finale of the show. It’s silly and makes me happy.

The Bad:

Andie MacDowell‘s frumpy frock is giving me flashbacks to the days when I was too small for adult clothes and had to shop at Talbots Kids – which managed to be both infantile and dowdy!

Let us officially have a moratorium on all garments made from bandages, ribbons, seat belts, ropes, tape, cotton balls. When you see Sandi Thom disobeying these edicts, it’s enough to make you think that everyone in the world isn’t hanging on your every arbitrary word!

Real Housewife Alex McCord: Cher Horowitz called. She needs her outfit back.

On the one hand, Laura Bennett’s outfit is awesome. On the other, it’s hideous.

The Kilted:

To all you dames who like to see a man in a kilt. Please take into account that apparently it makes them miserable. And Dario Franchitti’s Scottish.

What Say You?

When it comes to Amber Lee Ettinger: does she pull it off, or one element too many?

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