Sleazy Cougar Life Ad Banned for 'Unjustified Violence'


Copyranter has just posted an ad for Cougar Life that was banned by the Australian Advertising Standards Board (ASB) for depicting violence that “is not justified in the context of the service being advertised.”

Wait a minute! Cougar Life — the dating site that mocks older women in its very name — did something not cool towards the ladies? Well, I never! Next you’re going to tell me that wholesome photographer Terry Richardson acted inappropriately around one of his models or that Michael Bay put a female character in his movie for the sole purpose of having her wear a white t-shirt and get sprayed by a hose!

I just don’t want to believe it and yet it’s the truth!

The unjustifiable violence referred to by the board mostly boils down to porn actress Julia Ann shoving a sandwich in another woman’s face, which is really not all that egregious when you think of the fucked up shit we see on TV every day, but it’s not exactly in good tastes either. Again, color me surprise!

From a statement by the ASB:

“The majority of the board considered that two scenes in the advertisement depicted a woman committing a violent act against another woman. The majority of the Board considered that in a bar or licensed venue, such aggressive behaviour is not considered humorous or acceptable.”

The poor people of Australia! What will they do without this brilliant piece of commercial advertising? (Answer: Eat, shower, sleep, put more shrimps on barbies, etc., etc.)

“Cougar Life” Ad Featuring MILF Porn Star Julia Ann Banned For “Unjustified Violence” [Buzzfeed]

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