So What if Obama Quit Smoking Because He's 'Scared' of His Wife?


Fire up the gaffe signal; the President said something unscripted! Yesterday, during an “hot mic” moment at the UN General Assembly, our Commander-In-Chief Barack Hussein Bengazi Obamacare Bailout Obama confessed to an official that he hasn’t had a cigarette in six years because he’s “scared” of his wife. Either First Lady Michelle Obama rules the White House with an elegantly gloved iron fist or the President did something that millions of people do every day — blame an uptick in lameness on their significant others.

The OMFG BALL BUSTING WIFE ALERT happened when UN official Maina Kiai told Obama that he hoped he’d quit smoking, according to The Hill. Obama joked that he hadn’t had a cigarette in “probably six years” because he’s “scared of [his] wife.” He was obviously messing around, but that didn’t stop news sources from running headlines like “World’s most powerful man, Barack Obama, is scared of his wife!

In previous interviews, the President has said that an aversion to hypocrisy before his daughters led him to quit smoking; he didn’t see how it was possible to tell his girls that cigarettes are bad and then smoke them himself.

And wanting to set a good example for his kids and/or being afraid of his wife very well might be a reason the President no longer smokes cigarettes. Or, you know, maybe he wanted to quit, anyway. On his own.

One of the perks of being partnered, or having a kid, or committing to a hobby that interferes with partying is that you get to blame that partner, kid, or hobby on a personal choice to do refuse to do cool rock n roll stuff sometimes. Friends of mine with children have independently confessed to secretly enjoying having a ready-made excuse to stay in on weekend nights now that there’s a kid in the picture. It’s much easier to turn down an invitation to your friend-of-friend’s bachelorette party at a strip club by saying your boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it than it is to say that you haven’t been comfortable in strip clubs since Magic Mike filled your malleable mind with unrealistic expectations. I complain about it constantly, but I secretly (well, not secretly, anymore) love the fact that my Saturday morning marathon training long runs interfere with my ability to make plans on Friday nights. Sorry, friends, but I have no choice but to eat a wholesome dinner with my roommates and then watch Portlandia reruns until I pass out, because I have to wake up at 6 am! BOY DO I HATE THIS.

Who’s to say the same thing isn’t going on with the President? After all, he’s a person just like you, me, or your best friend from high school who says his wife won’t let him drink whisky anymore.

[The Hill]

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