Beyoncé Watches as Solange Physically Attacks Jay-Z After the Met Ball


TMZ has obtained very blurry footage of Solange getting lashing out at Jay Z – to the point where she had to be physically restrained – in an elevator at the Standard Hotel after the Met Ball last week. Beyoncé is also there, looking on at her sister and husband fighting.

It’s difficult to tell what’s going on in the video, which has no sound and consists of elevator security footage filmed with another camera. It does show the three entering an elevator, at which point Solange almost immediately starts pushing Jay. While kicking out with her heel, Solange is held back by her bodyguard, who TMZ believes you can see also hitting the emergency stop button on the elevator. Beyoncé barely intervenes, though she does seem to be talking to the pair.

TMZ also has video of the three leaving the Standard, apparently immediately after leaving this elevator. Beyoncé and Solange get in one car and after conversing with a body man, Jay gets in another one. In those shots, Beyoncé is the only one smiling.

There is absolutely no way to know what got Solange so angry and considering how secretive this family is, it’s doubtful any actual details will come out. But speculation abounds: is it related to long-held rumors of Jay cheating on Beyoncé? Did Jay say something to offend Solange? Is she just an angry drunk? Are they all used to this bickering? (Earlier today Solange was feeling pretty good.) In any case, the Uber driver I had a few months ago who stopped driving Solange and Beyoncé because he said they were “rude” and “not that pretty” is probably feeling really vindicated right now.

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