Solange's New Sneakers Look Like They Lost at Paintball


Solange supervised a sneaker collection with Puma called “Girls of Blaze” and you will deal.

Beyoncé’s little sister chatted with the athletic gear brand, which she joined as a creative consultant, about their Disc collaboration which debuts at New York’s Opening Ceremony store today and additional Puma retailers on February 22, according to Nice Kicks. Solo brought her creative inspiration and ideas to the table while working with a number of artists to create this shoe line.

On her creative vibe with the design:

Well my love for colors, prints and textiles play a role in almost everything I do creatively, but it was also about realizing the versatility throughout the three different designers and expressing that for different personal styles. I like to think that Hisham’s design is really for the bold and wild at heart, while Gerlan’s designs are definitely playful, a bit quirky with a more sporty edge, while the Okpo sisters’ use of texture really leans on a more bohemian vibe.

On swapping sneakers for stilettos when she became a New Yorker and bending gender roles:

I will be the first to admit, sneakers were always mostly used in my lifestyle in an athletic setting. However, once I moved to New York that changed. When you’re walking from spot to spot, hopping in and out of cabs and the train, by mid-day the thing that suffers the most are your feet. Going out at night? Forget about it! So I started to try to structure my outfits around a statement sneaker honestly out of practicality. I think women have really focused on the idea that sexiness and femininity is a state of mind, really projecting confidence throughout the voice of saying when I feel good, I look good. That can be interpreted in so many ways…but certainly a level of comfort can exist. You will never have more fun at the club when you are wearing sneakers really dancing your ass off! I’ve also noticed the gender lines have crossed so much when it comes to sneakers as well. Women are wearing men’s sneakers, and I can’t tell you how many men have asked me if the Discs from my collection will come in larger sizes so they can rock them as well!

On her personal style tips as an “icon”:

First off, I’m very careful at owning that title. I really am just as influenced by the everyday girls on the street as much as I am the glamazons, or singers, artists, and performers…I simply am a fan of anyone who really identifies with themselves in that moment and own it! So, with that said – Feel it. Own it. Work it.

Image via Saint Records Instagram.

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