Some Celebrity PSAs Simply Aren't Worth Filming


Shannen Doherty has schooled us on how lack of sleep can lead to awkward social interactions, but she’s not the only celebrity bravely speaking out about things we already know! Judging from these PSAs, celebrities think we’re all morons.

Back in 1987, Jason Bateman explained it’s rude to blare music from a boom box while riding public transportation. Is he suggesting everyone else on the bus doesn’t want to hear my Milli Vanilli mix tape? Maybe Bateman should worry less about noise pollution and more about devastating Cornballer injuries.

Here Holly Madison reminds us that only we can prevent pet theft. Well, actually thieves can do a lot to combat the problem too.

Many celebrities have filmed anti-bullying PSAs, but what makes Kelly Bensimon’s PSA so bizarre is that we’ve all seen the incident she’s referring to on Real Housewives, and it’s obvious she wasn’t the victim. Perhaps she could do another spot on the risks of volunteering to have your life filmed if you’re a habitual liar/crazy person?

Terrence Howard is the Florence Nightingale of our time! First he taught me how to clean my lady bits, and now thanks to this billboard I’ve figured out what I’m supposed to do with that water spout that’s in every bathroom.

Last year Miley Cyrus issued an important warning to teens across the country: “I’m telling kids, don’t go on the internet, it’s dangerous, it’s not fun, it wastes your life, and you should be outside playing sports or something.” You heard it here first; Going outside and kicking a ball around is way more fun than sitting inside and watching Miley Cyrus YouTube videos all afternoon.

Speaking of the internet, perhaps you’re one of the many people who watch copyrighted content for free. You may have been unmoved by pleas from your favorite artists and threats from the MPAA, but this PSA featuring adult film stars is sure to touch your heart (among other things).

Lost star William Mapother’s elder abuse PSAs are weird, but they’re definitely effective. If you’re considering roughing up an old person, you should definitely worry about Ethan kidnapping you and leaving your friend hanging from a vine.

Of course, no list of idiotic PSAs would be complete without NBC’s “The More You Know” series. There are plenty of parody videos out there, but lets take a moment to remember how truly insulting the originals were. Here’s David Schwimmer, a guy who had no kids when this was filmed, reminding you to feed your children breakfast.

And here’s Schwimmer again, with what may be the most important lesson of all: You should always read to your neighbor’s 4-year-old kid, even if he bites you.

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