Geek Girls Tired of Being Called Fake Geeks Because of Their Genitals


Tired of dudes implying/outright stating that you’re a fake geek because you have a vagina and therefore can never physically be balls deep in geek culture? Well, so are these ladies, and they’re doing something about it.

The self-described geek girl band The Doubleclicks is making a music video for their song “Nothing to Prove”, a catchy anthem about embracing your lady nerdburgerdom, even if dudes think you’re faking it because you want to… uh, I’m not sure why. Because you want to get in the pants of some hot Data cosplayer? Yes, that could be it.

Anyway, the band needs 5 second videos of women holding up a sign answering either “What got you in to geekdom?” or “What kind of geek are you now?” Do it to it, nerds!

[The Doubleclicks via The Mary Sue]

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