Some Sex Offenders Have No Problem Getting Gun Permits


Iowa state law allows people convicted of misdemeanor sex crimes to easily obtain weapons permits. That rightfully concerns people who worry repeat sex offenders could use guns to further intimidate and influence victims, but should also be troubling given that no one, including the FBI, seems to understand who can arm themselves and/or why.

From a new USA Today investigation:

If it surprises an FBI official to learn that sex offenders can be armed, it may be because there is no national data on how many weapons permits are being issued to convicted offenders, according to Fred Wilson, a spokesman from the National Sheriffs’ Association.

People with felonies or domestic abuse convictions aren’t usually able to get weapon permits, so why are sex offenders allowed to carry weapons in public? (Another worthy question: why are toddlers?) Given that our country can’t get it together to expand gun sale background checks, we’re not surprised that there’s no definitive ruling on the types of people who shouldn’t be allowed access to deadly weapons.

Image via Vadim Georgiev/Shutterstock.

[USA Today]

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