Someone Paid a Shitload for a Piece of Charles and Di's Wedding Cake


Someone bought a 33 year old piece of cake, but it’s OK because it was from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding. Does that information makes this purchase acceptable? Oh and that stale sweet cost $1,375.

According to Vanity Fair, a few keepsakes from Charles and Di’s wedding were sold at auction yesterday including that insanely old piece of cake and even a piece of toast. Toast! The spoiled bread is from Charles and Di’s wedding breakfast and went for 230 pounds, which is $380 or your Optimum cable bill. For a 33 year old piece of toast. But apparently buying old food that used to be royal is a thing and someone else bought a piece of Kate and William’s wedding cake in 2012.

Listen, all of this talk about buying moldy munchies for nostalgia’s sake reminds me that my mother has a royal keepsake that’s actually useful. It’s a round tin with Charles and Diana on the front and she just keeps bobby pins and rollers in it, but oh, the opportunity I now know that she is wasting. I know what I’ll be doing over Christmas break … firing up that EBay account! Or maybe I should call Christie’s? Is that too much?

Images via Getty.

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