Someone Registered '' in the Name of a GOP Congressman 


Huh: Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski reports that someone has registered the website ‘’ using the name and email address of Texas Tea Party Congressman Blake Farenthold. That’s an okay prank, or, alternately, is something Blake Farenthold should have registered through a third party. Probably the first one.

Kaczynski reported on the registration today off a tip from the anonymous Twitter account Capitol Hill Fox. He noted that if it wasn’t Farenthold, whoever created it did a thorough job: all the information matches Farenthold’s, including the telephone number used, which goes to the Elect Blake Farenthold Committee. There’s no date to indicate when the website was first registered in Farenthold’s name.

Farenthold is from Corpus Christi; he’s been in Congress since 2011, and as you might guess as a Tea Party Republican, opposes gay marriage, although not as insistently and virulently as many other Tea Party Republicans. He was the subject this summer of a politely blistering profile in the Texas Observer, chronicling his sweet, languid life as a member of a do-nothing Congress, passing one bill, going home to Texas from D.C. every weekend, and voting yes on bill after bill to investigate Benghazi. If this is a prank, it feels more like a little personal jab than any kind of political statement. As of now, there’s nothing on the website.

Farenthold has been married for 28 years; his biggest moment in the spotlight came during his election bid in 2010, when The Crush Girls, a Corpus Christi entertainment site, posted photos of him in yellow ducky pajamas, wedged between two ladies not wearing all that much.It was puzzling, just like

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