Soon You Might Be Able to Shop in Paris on Sundays


If you’ve ever been to Paris and felt all, “Ugh, this historical and beautiful city full of delicious things to eat and delicious men to stare at and/or have sex with is so lame because I can’t blow the remainder of my vacation Euros at Printemps on Sunday afternoon,” you might soon be in luck: France is considering amending its Sunday “trading law.”

“Soon,” as in, “Um, yeah, we’ll see about that.” France is notoriously protective of not only its workers, but its traditions—there’s actually a thing called “the French weekend,” which basically means time to kick back and savor life, but in a chic, cool, French way, not in a, “I’m so hungover I’m going to cling for dear life to my couch while my head alternates between an empty bucket and a bucket of Doritos” American kind of way.

But, really: staying open on Sundays would present an economic boon for France, whose economy, like many others in Europe, is struggling. Plus, there’s London to consider—so cutthroat, those British:

“Do we want millions and millions of tourists, notably Chinese, who come to the capital to leave us and go and do their shopping in London on a Sunday?” Mr. Valls asked in an interview quoted by Agence France-Presse.

Six days of shopping, apparently, just isn’t enough for some people.

[New York Times]

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