Sorry, Jerks: Forever 21 Pulls Ayn Rand Muscle Shirt From Online Store


Forever 21 is owned by a family of mental gymnasts who have found away to marry the “our purpose as humans is to give of ourselves to those in need in emulation of Christ” philosophy of Christianity with the “fuck you, pay me” ethos of conservatism. The fast fashion chain most recently advertised its top brass’s philosophy with an item it called the “Unstoppable Tee,” which contained a quote from Ayn Rand. You know, that bad writer that the worst hookup you ever had couldn’t stop talking about.

The $11.80 muscle tee, which was pulled from the online store this afternoon, featured the following quote by Ayn Rand, the mother of objectivism and dour but oddly sexy aunt of modern libertarianism.

The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me. – Ayn Rand

Objectivism, the philosophy that the ideal society results from everyone abandoning charity and empathy and just focusing on selfishness and kicking ass, is an asshole factory (although it is to thank for the premise of the first Bioshock, so, uh, thanks, I guess). I read The Fountainhead when I was 16 and I was even more of an asshole than usual for a solid 3 weeks afterward. Do not let anyone get near Ayn Rand. She is a gateway drug to Ron Paul. She’s Paul Ryan’s college girlfriend. She’s dangerous.

I guess cool teen objectivists will have to find a new way to advertise the fact that they’re insufferable. Suggestions welcome.

[Forever 21]

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