Southern California Parents Say They So Did Not Try to Frame a PTA Rival by Planting Drugs in Her Car


In the latest example of parents taking school politics way too seriously, a southern California couple pleaded not guilty Monday to planting drugs on a PTA volunteer who had allegedly disparaged their child. According to CBS Los Angeles, Kent and Jill Easter are accused of pretending that they were living in a dark high school comedy by trying (unsuccessfully) to frame Kelly Peters, a PTA-volunteer at the Plaza Vista School in Irvine.

The Easters were allegedly unhappy with something Peters said about their son, and so decided to tap their extensive professional knowledge (both Easters are attorneys) in order to, as they say in the movie biz, put Peters in the frame. Investigating officials believe that one sultry, southern California night in February, Kent Easter drove to Peters’ house and planted Vicoden, Percocet, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in her car. Easter then called police dispatchers, so the story goes, identifying himself as a concerned parent who had seen someone driving erratically in the elementary school parking lot.

Peters was detained after police found the drugs in her car, but investigators soon had reason to believe that they didn’t belong to her. If convicted, the Easters could face up to four years in prison for trying to recapture their youthful days as really despicable high school bullies.

Calif. parents plead not guilty to planting drugs on PTA volunteer [CBS]

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