Special-Ed Teacher Fired for Using School Gmail To Respond To Craigslist Hook-Up Ads


A (super-ripped) P.S. 183 special-ed teacher named Matthew Maleski, who’d clocked in just over a year at the school, has been fired for responding to Craigslist hook-up ads from a Gmail account that he shared with another teacher, reports NYDN. The other teacher informed Principal Tara Napoleoni of Maleski’s endeavors, noting also that the emails included shots of him in nothing but his boxers.

Maleski since clarified that he sent the photos during non-school hours with his cell phone, which was automatically linked to the Gmail account. Naturally, more online records of Maleski find him “grind dancing” to “house music” on YouTube and posing partially clothed in ads for gay networking app Hornet. But that’s not really anyone’s business, right? Just don’t send shit from school email accounts, Matt!

“Those accounts must of [sic] interchanged accidentally,” he told his co-teacher in an emailed apology, according to the probe.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of think that all of these Internet-sex-snafu teachers (the ones who don’t mess with their students, but are just dumb/sloppy at social networks, I mean) should start their own school, and it would be called The Funnest School Ever.

‘Studly NYC special-ed teacher fired after using shared class email for Craigslist hookups; posted sexy shirtless photo for email profile pic’ [NYDN]
‘Too Hot For Tots: Former Male Model Axed From Elementary Teacher Gig For Sending Naughty Emails From School Account’ [Bossip]

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