Special Prosecutor in Maryville Rape Case Promises a 'Thorough Review'


After an Anonymous intervention and a media shitstorm (inspired by the excellent piece in the Kansas City Star), a special prosecutor was appointed today in the Maryville, MO Rape case to review the case “without fear and without favor.”

“I know that this case has raised a variety of concerns in northwest Missouri, so please know this: This case will be thoroughly reviewed,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

Anonymous is planning a protest in support of Daisy at the Nodaway County Courthouse, and Daisy and her mother Melinda appeared on CNN to talk about that and the trial.

“We were pondering [attending the protest], but it sounds almost as if it wouldn’t be safe for us to go just because of all the people in Maryville being very angry with the case right now. But we are thinking about it, and we are very thankful for all the people attending,” Daisy said.
When asked what she and her daughter are hoping for, Melinda Coleman told Tapper that they just want to be heard and to have the case looked at “fairly, and with some enthusiasm.”
“We were disappointed that they didn’t really do the job. They didn’t really collect the evidence, and they didn’t seem to care from the beginning. Anything above that would just be extra,” she said.

Melinda went on to say that she hopes alleged rapist Matt Barnett’s parents can let him “pay at least some price and some punishment so he can learn. I hope it doesn’t take him killing some girl.”

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