Spread 'Em: Your Daily Dose Of World Cup Thighlights


As most of you probably know, today is an off-day for our dear players, as the buildup for the World Cup quarterfinal begins. However, just because there’s been a break in competition doesn’t mean we have to quit our gawking.

Fortunately for us, most players didn’t decide to retreat from the field entirely. With games resuming on Friday, many teams are using their free day to get in a little practice, complete with some (we can imagine) much-needed stretching. Here we see Paraguay’s Nestor Ortigoza limbering up with a physical trainer. Interesting view.

Other Legs of Note belong to Kaka. Like Paraguay, Brazil has decided to take the day and practice for their upcoming match against the Netherlands.

Juan Sebastian Veron put on a good show for his coach, Diego Maradona, in preparation for the match against Germany on July 3.

And, finally, our favorite picture of the day:

Paraguya’s goalkeeper Justo Villar tenderly grips his balls during practice on July 1, 2010.

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