Spy Beats Entourage at Box Office Because Women Don't Hate Themselves 


Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy Spy earned $30 million at the box office this weekend, winning the proverbial race. Unsurprisingly, Spy beat out Entourage, which earned $10.4 million and fell to fourth place. The Hollywood Reporter notes:

While the big-screen adaptation of the hit HBO television series wasn’t expensive, Warner Bros. and HBO Films were hoping for at least $20 million and that the movie version would introduce a new generation of fans to the franchise, versus just appealing to diehard fans of the show.

But it turns out that the women of America were uninterested in hanging out with douchebag bros of Entourage. THR reports that Spy’s audiences skewed overwhelming female, whereas 64% of Entourage’s audiences were male. And this despite the fact that the dreamy (yet weirdly vacant) eyed Adrian Grenier reassured “female entourages” that the film wasn’t “just for guys.” “I promise,” Grenier wrote on Instagram, “there are strong female characters and I think women also like to have fun, just like the boys.”

Sure, of course ladies love fun, which is probably why they don’t want to see Entourage.

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