Star GOP Intern Is Arrested for Alleged Sexual Extortion Scheme


21-year-old Adam Savader clearly absorbed some of the GOP’s good ol’ family values while interning for erstwhile Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, his one-time running mate, Paul Ryan, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: the weasely up-and-comer was arrested yesterday in his Long Island home by FBI agents and charged with cyber-stalking and blackmailing women online.

Savader, a political science student at SUNY Farmingdale who describes himself as an “American Patriot” in his Twitter bio (and has an impressive 17,000+ followers!), allegedly obtained naked photos of 15 women, many of whom he knew from high school, and threatened to go public unless they sent him more nude pics.

According to the criminal complaint (care of the New York Daily News), Savader texted one victim as many as eight times a day, threatening to send photos of her to the Republican National Committee if she didn’t do what he said. In another case, he found photos of a young woman’s mother on Facebook, “to prove he could out her to her family if she didn’t comply.”

Savader, no slouch, used Google voice numbers to send anonymous texts. Here’s one he sent in October:

“Do it from ur phone RIGHT NOW! I swear to God don’t be stupid. U don’t want every1 including your parents seeing your t—s (and) ass.”

Savader will be prosecuted in Michigan, where the first case was reported. If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail. If acquitted, he’ll probably be running the country in the next twenty years alongside his mentors.

[NY Daily News]

(Image via Facebook.)

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