Staying Connected While on the Road Just Got a Lot Easier


These days, not everyone’s tied to an office. But if you’re working from the road, it doesn’t mean you can’t get as much done as you would if you were sitting at a desk. In this, the last of our Business Casual series written in conjunction with the crew, we’ll look at the mobile office tools that can help anyone whose work life involves airport security lines, rental car upgrades, and the endless search for Wi-Fi.

If you’re a manager, you’re familiar with the diva types: people who are always late, people who diverge from meeting agendas, people who always seem to conveniently not get important emails. You know, the types who “march to to the beat of a different drum.” How do you wrangle these people whether you’re in the office or on the road being a rock star yourself?, that’s how.

Back in the day, you’d miss a meeting if you were, say, stuck in a scary-long line at the airport on your way to an offsite meeting. But today, you and your colleagues can fire up and invite everyone (in-office or far-flung) for a mobile meeting. You’ll keep things moving, even if you are physically at a standstill. The free version allows you and up to 249 other people to make internet calls, screen share, chat, and send files on multiple monitors. And for a tiny fee, you can go full rock star and enjoy all the standard features plus window sharing, unified audio, presenter swap, international calling, and a meeting manager.

And as we all know, no matter how much advance planning you’ve done, things are going to go wrong while you’re on the road for work. Accessing spreadsheets, sharing docs, negotiating — none of that stops just because you’re out of office. So when problems arise, can help you solve them because you can use it for impromptu brainstorms, mobile meetings, chat, and screen sharing — all while you are rushing from conference room to conference room, or gig to gig.

Bottom line?‘s easy-to-use and super-speedy features will make you the rock star of your work life. Internet calling, screen sharing, chat, file share — that all works from your iPad or iPhone (as well as from your computer) — keep you connected and productive while you’re on the road. Just don’t forget your earplugs.

Well, that’s it for the Business Casual series. Head here to get more info about all of’s working-from-the-road-friendly features like screen sharing, online meetings, chat, and file transfers. Get the free version (that supports up to 250 participants) today!

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