Steal That Asshole Karl Lagerfeld's Sunglasses in Bizarre New Game


There’s a new game where Karl Lagerfeld insults you, and you get back at him by stealing his sunglasses. Although stealing his sunglasses probably isn’t the first thing I’d do if I were face to face with that condescending asshat.

The game, called “Je Veux Les Lunettes de Karl” (“I Want Karl’s Sunglasses”), is in French, so is there anyone out there who can help us understand what’s happening in the intro video? As far as I can tell, we see Edna Mode dressed as a man, yelling at giants? Which, I guess, is just like Lagerfeld’s real life, so maybe we don’t need a translation — asshole knows no language.

According to Paper, the game was made by the same people who produce his sunglasses, so it’s really just advertising for them. Because of that, Karl’s language is relatively clean and non-evil (for him) — he cartoon-angrily mutters phrases like “Karl has no more time for you,” “Hurry up, I don’t have all day” and “Clearly you’re not very gifted”. Those insults are basically child’s play compared to the cruel insanity that is Karl Lagerfeld’s big misogynist mouth in action, but it’s still fun to steal his shit.


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