Stephen Colbert's Fuck You to Viacom Is Awesome and Star-Studded


For the past month, The Colbert Report has been excitedly promoting StePhest Colbchella, the show’s annual summer concert series that this year was being headlined by French electro super group Daft Punk. Contracts were signed, sponsors were acquired and the band was all set to perform on last night’s show until Van Toffler, President of MTV Networks Music & Logo Group at Viacom, Inc., stepped in and, citing contract exclusivity, said that Daft Punk would not be able to perform on the Report (which is also a part of the Viacom network) because they were secretly slated to perform at the VMAs in September.

This, coupled with an idiotic email from Toffler, did not make Stephen Colbert very happy (no one messes with our boyfriend that way) and, lucky us, his anger towards MTV and Daft Punk led to one of the most entertaining and scathing take-downs in recent television history. Not only did Colbert spoil the surprise of Daft Punk’s secret VMA performance, but he also expertly mocked Toffler, put together his own star-studded dance routine to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and replaced Daft Punk in his Colbchella lineup with Robin Thicke, whose song “Blurred Lines” has really grown on me in spite of all my efforts not to like it.

YOU WIN THIS ROUND, #THICKE. And — more importantly — so does The Colbert Report.

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