‘Still Love Him’: A Round-Up of Wild GOP Responses to the Trump Sexual Battery Verdict

One senator said the ruling "makes me want to vote for [Trump] twice." One said it's "not a disqualifier" for POTUS. Others pretended they just hadn't seen it.


Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota: “Not a disqualifier”

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Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota: “Not a disqualifier”
Photo: Bloomberg (Getty Images)

Speaking to reporters after the verdict, Cramer recognized it as a liability going into the 2024 presidential election: “[Trump]s] first go-around, there were a lot of swing-type voters who were open to the opportunity and I think a lot of those voters abandoned him in the second go-around and [the verdict] reminds them of why,” he said. Cramer said he trusted the jury but still hasn’t ruled out voting for Trump: “Obviously I’d rather have a president that isn’t found liable for battery,” he said. “It’s not a disqualifier, but it’s certainly not a check in the plus column.”

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