Stormy Daniels Is Suing the Ohio Police Officers Who Arrested Her Last Summer


Stormy Daniels has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Ohio police officers who arrested her at a strip club over the summer, saying she was the victim of a sting operation plotted by Trump-supporting cops.

According to her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, the suit alleges that the arrest—made on the basis that she touched a patron during a performance—was in retaliation for her claims that she had sex with Donald Trump before he was president:

The lawsuit says that the officers involved were “avowed” supporters of Trump, and, having learned of her scheduled appearance at a Columbus nightclub, conspired to arrest her. Ohio law prohibits nude or semi-nude performers from touching non-relatives while working; Daniels’s arrest was made on the basis that she touched an undercover female officer. Those charges were dropped hours later, since the law only pertained to regular club performers, which she was not.

This is far from the first suit filed by Daniels and Avenatti, the latter of whom remains under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for a domestic violence allegation.

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