Stupid Teen Has Black Boyfriend Arrested for Prom Prank


Teens are idiots. Case in point: A teenage girl arranged for her black boyfriend to be arrested by a real police officer as a way of asking him to prom. Get it? It’s funny because an unarmed black kid who hasn’t committed a crime has absolutely no reason to fear the police.

The Youth, who goes by “Salty Stephanie” on Twitter, posted pictures of her prom prank and included both the heart emoji and the crying laughing emoji because, YOLO.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is an absurdly terrible idea. And if you need an explanation, please go sit at the “I live in a bubble of deliberate ignorance” table in the cafeteria.

To keep things really special, Stephanie had the “arrest” go down during school hours so her boyfriend could be properly humiliated in front of all his friends and teachers.


Pulling off the prank during school hours allowed others students to convene and watch this poor young brother be taken in.

To add insult the injury of public embarrassment, the young man—who according to this awful sign is named Davyeon—was forced to act like he enjoyed this little display.

Other idiot teenagers are showing support for Salty Stephanie’s “prank” and she is retweeting their inane comments because like, LOL chill out it was funny, ok?

According to her Twitter location, this took place in the Los Angeles suburb of Palmdale. Quick reminder: The police unfairly arrest and shoot unarmed black people in California also.

Davyeon, sir, I don’t know you, but please take this advice from me and every rational adult in the country: Dump her. Dump her now and don’t look back. It can only go downhill from here.

Now seems like a good time to revisit the idea of relegating all youth between the ages of 13 and 18 to a large, fenced-off field somewhere where they can’t be a danger to themselves and, more importantly, the rest of us.

Ban prom. Ban teens.

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