Summer's Eve Bodywash Is Not a Threat to Manly Masculinity, We Promise


Because Summer’s Eve wasn’t sure if their last Cleansing Wash advertising campaign was stupid enough, the douche company has a commercial out somehow marketing the soap as a product that’s so great that men will like too.

“Did you know Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is pH balanced and gentler than soap, which makes it perfectly formulated for a woman’s V?” a woman asked her husband while he’s soaping up in the shower using said product. “Huh?” he responds, before realizing that it’s for LAAAAADIES. Said husband then decides to go on a rampage to prove that despite the fact that he just used a lady soap, he is indeed manly enough: he chops wood, drinks an egg (?), mows the lawn and does other brawny activities.

Though the commercial – called “Manly Mistake” – is attempting to make fun of the man for being embarrassed he used a feminine hygiene product, it sort of doesn’t matter. After all, this cleansing wash is made by a company that sells products that are entirely unnecessary, potentially harmful for the genitals and come with an active history of vagina-shaming. On a positive note, the soap has prompted Summer’s Eve users to write these fantastic reviews on the company website:

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