Sun Myung Moon, Founder of Mass-Marriage Church, Dies at 92


Entrepreneurial messiah and mass marriage instigator Sun Myung Moon has died at age 92 in the South Korean capital of Seoul. In 1950s South Korea, Moon established the Unification Church, which attracted millions of followers and became famous for marrying a Luxembourg’s worth (more or less) of people in a single ceremony. Moon’s Church, as churches that marry thousands of people all at once are wont to do, gained a bit of a reputation for brainwashing its followers and breaking apart families in the 60s and 70s, and Moon himself was accused of profiteering. He owned several sprawling properties in the U.S., founded the Washington Times and ran arms factories in South Korea, so you might say that he was a bit of a renaissance man. You also might say he was a bit of a criminal — in 1982, he spent 11 months in jail after being convicted of tax evasion.

‘Moonies’ founder Sun Myung Moon dies at 92 [BBC]

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