Sunday Night Social


OMG! The weekend’s almost over!

Even though this weekend moved at warp speed, we accomplished a lot. We parent-proofed, we refurbished our iPods, we forgot about Ben Roethlisberger. We lamented the loss of a German woman who acted in adult films, we ignored our gender, and we silently willed Michele Bachmann to just shut up.

It’s bitter cold here in Chicago and I’ve still got errands to run tonight, so please let me live vicariously through your relaxation. Put on warm socks and wrap up in a blanket and drink a hot beverage and eat Easy Mac or something equally bad for you but of equal or greater deliciousness.

Keep it light and fun and be nice to each other. In the meantime, here’s a song to get the braingears turning:

Thanks for reading my crap, and see you next Sunday.

Image via Cute Overload

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