Sunday Night Sound Off


Gather around, friends and frenemies, and enjoy this Sunday night’s waning hours. On one hand, it’s been an eventful weekend (almost to the point of being a little overwhelming and tedious) full of Weiners and boring emails from a woman who served half a term as governor in one of America’s least populous states. But there’s been happy news! Gabrielle Giffords is doing well, and Mad Men’s coming back. It’s sunny and pleasant here in Chicago, and I’m going to get myself outside before it’s dark and gangs of bored teenagers decide to steal my iPod like they stole Billy Corgan’s brother’s iPod.

Hang out here and talk amongst yourselves, but keep it light. In the meantime, here’s a jam to get you started.

Finally, I’d like to note that Sheila E. is fierce. Let her kicking the cymbal inspire you for the week ahead.

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