Supple, Young Joe Biden Is Now Available

Supple, Young Joe Biden Is Now Available

In another example of cockeyed optics from the Joe Biden campaign, a photo that circulated widely on the internet a few years ago of a young and dashing Biden had been slapped on a tank top that’s available through the presidential candidate’s online store. (Thanks goes out to Jezebel advice columnist Brandy Jensen for the heads-up.)

Look, as someone who previously declared Young Joe Biden fuckable, I understand the superficial appeal of the picture. I also get the impulse to monetize virality, even if said virality happened years ago and celebrated virility that was present decades ago. Now we wonder if Biden is virile enough to stay upright for enough time to actually physically make it into the White House, but whatever: simpler times.


However, the flaunting of Biden’s sexuality in the wake of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations, is certainly a bold choice. It’s at best inept and at worst, a subtle steamrolling.

Additionally, via my colleague Ashley Reese: “I’m dead at people just being like: ‘A morsel of healthcare pls,’ and the Biden camp is like, ‘Look at how hot Joe Biden was as a 20-somethin year old .”

But what about the sartorial merits of the tank? “They should have made it a crop,” says Ashley. “They’re always fuckin’ up, this campaign.”

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